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Lone Microphone


I always loved bringing characters to life. As a former animator, I thought that my passions lied with making the characters move. It turns out that what I really wanted to do was breathe them to life.

I pull from life experiences to help me create relatable chacters including my experience as a veteran and my abilities to speak Japanese and Spanish.

Voice Acting is more than just speaking lines though. It's about find the core and the heart of the character and what makes them connect with us on an emotional level.
I hope to be able to help others achieve their dreams of being successful in this industry as well.


Past Projects

Wicker Manor Haunt

October 2023

Recorded a special intro VO for the Wicker Manor Haunt in Denver, CO specifically for their appearance on ABC's The Great Halloween Fright Fight.

Midsummer Scream

July 2023

Had the honor of becoming "the voice" of the Midsummer Scream haunt expo in Long Beach, CA.

Moonshine Inc. Game Trailer

November 2022

Recorded the VO for the trailer for the Moonshine, Inc video game. 

Hymns from the Lighthouse: Dig My Grave

May 2022

Recorded the VO for the audiobook version of the fantasy series Hymns from the Lighthouse: Dig My Grave

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